Woman in the Raw

Woman in the Raw is a project conceived by photographer Tari Gunstone and all around earth-saavy wild woman Bailey Kelly Burger to celebrate natural femininity and bring awareness to the healing tools women have.

“We share the common conviction that our femininity is defined by our natural existence rather than having to acquire it through means of alterations. So, we wanted to celebrate what this looks like in hopes to normalize its beauty. Our search for such existing photographs merited few results; the women’s arms and legs are smooth, clean. We aim to create conversation about body hair on women. How often are women shamed for not shaving their legs or armpits or for having “too much” upper lip hair? Why do we feel self-conscious about lifting up our arms? What idea(s) have we been indoctrinated with that drive that embarrassment?

In conjunction with this, we also believe that the most effectual methods we have in contributing towards our health and beauty is what the earth has provided for us to use for our support and survival. Bailey is a student of herbal medicine and nutrition and has made some life-altering changes in what her body intakes. She has alleviated severe allergies with the use of herbs, cleared digestive problems away with change of diet, and has experienced sustainable health in ways that she will giddily share with us as this project continues. Through each portrait session we aim to highlight a specific herb that is reputably connected to women’s health and well-being.”

Please visit the blog to read the stories about the women photographed.